Monday, April 2, 2012

How to Guides

Welcome to Writer's Resources—your resources! This is the section you come to for how-to and formatting guides, an inspirational kick in the pants, and nifty icons and flyers. You'll find handy links to everything in the section there on the left, and here's a quick overview of each item on the list.

How To Guides

• Introduction to Screenwriting
• Screenplay Formatting Overview
Stage Plays
• Introduction to Stage plays
• Stage Play Formatting Overview
TV Scripts
• Introduction to TV Scripts
• TV Script Formatting Overview
Comic Books
• Introduction to Comic Books
• Comic Book Formatting Overview

How to Build Great Characters and Stories

Creating Great Characters
• Cast your Characters
• Writing Action and Description
• Writing Dialogue
Conflict and Outlining Plot
• Creating Conflict
• Outline your Script
• “Hollywood Formula" Worksheet  

Scriptwriter Bootcamps and Worksheets

The Young Writers Program Director, Chris Angotti, has put together a series of bootcamps and worksheets that can help writers of all ages develop their characters and stories. Check out these resources on the YWP Script Frenzy Resources page.
We've highlighted a few of these resources below to help you plan your scripts.

Four-Week Scriptwriting Bootcamp
In the next four weeks, our scriptwriting boot camp will teach you everything you'll need to know to tackle the great Script Frenzy challenge this April. Over the next month, you'll invent characters, hatch plots, practice writing dialogue, and even learn a thing or two about the mysterious art of script formatting.
Week 1: Choosing the Right Script for You and Developing Characters
In this week's boot camp, we'll help you decide what kind of script to write and introduce a surefire way to cast an amazing crew of characters.
Week 2: Creating Conflict and Outlining Your Plot
Get your characters off the page and into action in Week 2.
Week 3: What Makes a Script a Script?
Find out how to get from Page 1 to "The End" using dialogue, action, and description.
Week 4: Putting It All Together—Formatting Your Script
Script formatting is not as hard as you might think, and we're on a mission to prove it to you.

Scriptwriter Workbook
Complete this workbook to fully understand script concepts and effectively plan your own. (The most important pages are also included in the boot camp.)

How to Cameos: Articles by the experts

How to Get Started
by Alan Swyer
Know Your Story
by Greg Marcks
Beginnings and Endings
Scene and story
After the Draft
I Hear Voices
by Fred Ritzenberg
Tenacity. Determination. Grit.
by Stephen Norrington
Structure and Format
Who's Afraid of Formatting
Part One
Part Two
by Stephen Norrington
Quick Tips on Shorts
by Will Bigham
Five Character-Defining Opening Scenes
by Adam Kempenaar & Sam Van Hallgren
On the Process
Writing = Ass + Chair 
by Jeromy Zajonc
Freedom from Fear
by Lydia Cornell
What's to Lose?
by Betsy Franco
A Brief Primer On Things Not To Do When Writing
by Ron J. Friedman & Steve Benich
Five Screenwriting Pitfalls
by Nathan Marshall
Writing Downhill
by Daniel Heath

Need a Lift? Others are on the Same Page as You!

You will not be hiking up a mountainous ream of paper alone! We will be with you each step of the way.
  • Pep talks from Sandra Salas, Program Director, and fellow Script Frenzy 2012 Participant will be available soon.
  • Stop by the forums. Ask questions, give answers, try a word war, or discover a new way to procrastinate.


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