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Answer added to topic Health and WellnessTue
Shon BayerI know a little about a lot. And...
Here are some of the reasons that parents choose not to vaccinate or only partially vaccinate their children:
  • Possible (but real) reactions to vaccines: there is a small ch...
Answer added to topic WritingMon
John MorrowPrefers not to suffer fools at all.
It varies with the type of writing of course, but in some cases big words help obscure the otherwise obvious lack of insight and originality.

Academic writing suffers from... (more)
Answer promoted in topics Book Recommendations and Books11h ago
Mark SchannonCrisis & Risk Management & Commu...
There are so many, but the book that started me down the path of discovery was Timothy Wilson's Strangers to Ourselves; Discovering the Adaptive Unconscious.  It's foundati... (more)
Answer added to topic NutritionMon
Andrew RobertsFood Scientist
"Proximate analysis" and database analysis are more common methods for services which provide this information to manufacturers. I wrote a bit about them in How do people e... (more)
Question added to topic Weight Loss3h ago
What diet/ workout/ lifestyle plan has been successful for more people than all the rest?
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Answer promoted in topic Health and Wellness9h ago
Fred LandisInvestigative Reporter
The term Aspergers Syndrome was known in professional circled in Germany since 1942, and used since the 1960s in Sweden, France, and Australia.
It is difficult to diagnose ... (more)
Answer promoted in topic Book Recommendations8h ago
Generally, I had very positive reaction to the book.  

The book describes modern path to success in very clear terms. 
... (more)
Question promoted in topic Healthy Eating1h ago
I've read somewhere that it is unhealthy to consume tuna everyday because it contains methylmercury. Fish twice a week is recommended, bu... (more)
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Question promoted in topic Book RecommendationsMon
The actual ebook purchases need not occur in the physical store. The idea is that such a physical store could encourage people to buy mor... (more)
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Answer added to topics Nutrition and Healthy EatingTue
Will Wisteramasser of food & health info.
A few points:

  1. Peanuts are not actually nuts. They're legumes. The type and quantity of lectins they contain tend to be a bit worse for us on balance than those in nuts.[1]...
Answer promoted in topic WritingMon
Mike FrattoI have good editors.
There are good writers and bad writers. Bad writers aren't worth discussing, so I won't. Good writers are worth discussing so let me start out by saying what I think makes ... (more)
Answer added to topic Writing6h ago
Handan Baoconference interpreter of Mandar...
I've always heard German speakers of English doing what Alyssa Trevelyan describes as a French thing, using since where for is appropriate. It's because the German word sei... (more)
Answer added to topics Healthy Eating and NutritionMon
Olga Norstromwww.facebook.com/healthyolga; ww...
Good question! While it's true that almonds have more of certain minerals like calcium and iron, the main reason that many nutritionists have been touting almond butter is ... (more)
Answer added to topic Weight Loss3h ago
Nanette SaucierI've lost 97 pounds and kept it ...
That you have to have a diet product to lose weight.
Answer promoted in topic Authors4h ago
Erik KetzanCo-architect, Pynchonwiki.com

After the publication of Mason & Dixon in 1997, a user by the online name of "Martin Scribler" posted three messages on the Pynchon-L mailing list denouncing many m... (more)
Answer added to topic Health and Wellness1h ago
Ilya SenatorovPharmD/PhD candidate
I don't care what research can support their position. I have two words for you: herd immunity (I'll explain it further down). Viruses and bacteria are programmed to make m... (more)
Answer promoted in topic YouTubeMon
J.C. HewittThe government which governs bes...
Google has better lawyers.
Answer added to topics Health and Wellness and Healthy Living8h ago
Lou DavisObsessively mountain bike-even w...
I'm unsure about the nature of your accident but I notice that you included 'concussion' as one of your topics.

In health terms, July is relatively recent. I'm assuming th... (more)
Question added to topic iOS App StoreMon
I recently had someone rant to me about the importance of exclusive apps to the success of a platform and while I see their point, I do n... (more)
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