Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The game

Racing vs River
The end of the game: the blues are being interviewed, hot chics also and publicity on the back. Patrizio Toranzo. Fox Sports is labeled over the microphone. Someone asks the blue player and his front is shown. Then the whole inmense of the stadium. Giovanni Moreno est’a siendo entrevistado. Fue la gran figura de la noche. Tiene chaqueta puesta, habla con suficiencia, una chica rubia atrás y las luces del estadio, luego de nuevo la visión del estadio y más jugadores entrevistados. Martin Ramirez...the hand in fox sports microphone and a hand in this ocassion, then the player leaves. The stadium. More game: review. The great goal of the night. 1-3 Racing against River is over. End of the transmition. Publicity.

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