Thursday, January 20, 2011

Football Coach Profile

Note: If we trust referees, seeing their view of the game, we deny less of the game itself; to whom he serves, his intention, must become therefore clearly view’d by us. (Milan- Real. 1- 3, half time).
It may also happen that a football match replaces a day of college, a whole academy-day.
And eventually, humankind places them both, academy and football, of similar nature before our eyes; there it may appear unwise and uninstructive. Most if the time both are predictable (boring though).
The thought of a football coach, and a brilliant and successful English team. A. W. is French and harvests a squad of young promises of football. He has been player himself as well, but a mediocre one. He builds a team of young players, or buys’em cheap, anyway he beats off the whole League and keeps its own integrity and lovely-playing game of theirs, whatever the foe in front. The story must incorporate the ‘way of thinking’ of the famous but discreet, coach W. The preparation of the team, the traffic of players and their build-up; his discreetness and soberness against the pressure of fame, his own love affairs and relationships; his own self-world. This must be done briefly. The scenes may be pre-matches, speeches, remembrances also. Define focus and voice.
Football coach profile: He likes well-played matches, his style of game succeeds, it’s very well liked and has its own glory and followers. Himself is quiet and almost sorrowful, his face is full of wrinkles, as a constant flow in his expressing. And the game he beholds and directs, cheerful and enjoyful at all matters, seem to please him never, appearing his attitude of discomfort and possible greed –though his greed is likeable also, when he beats his foes and shows no mercy with´em, keeping still his tightness and beauty-. Let’s say of him, he had a love; a sweet and passionate one. He is consumed and frost in desire. But hi’s been like that for quite a long, about 10 years now. It occurs like his self-in-pain-state encourages him to manifest a brilliant football playing, obliges him to devotion to it and requires his very best efforts.

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