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Would you like to read your detailed report and learn your lucky days for the next 365 days?
Your Birthday:   
Were you born after the sunrise?

The Mayan calendar has 20 signs and they follow each other, changing on a daily basis. Your birthday falls on one of the days of the 20 day cycle and this is called the Day sign. The Day sign shows your typical attributes. The core of your character begins to shape when you reach puberty around 12-13 years of age. Your life evolves around what your Day sign offers to you.
Your higher self chooses your sign before you are born in to this world. You take into consideration your needs for evolving and growing spiritually. Your “Day Sign” provides you with your life mission that includes your strong and weak aspects. You forget all of this information the minute you are born, however. This sign guides you and reminds you of your spiritual essence and personal mission to help you evolve.

Ben / Cane 


Ben / Cane 
Personality: Popular, knowledgeable, successful and talented. A person who fights for principles. Responds to all challenges.
You are intelligent, brave and productive. You have strong principles. You are a risk taker and a leader. You have a gift for public speaking and you deal with the results. Even though you like to relax and have fun, you are a disciplined hard worker. Whatever you choose to do, you always stand out in that area. The source of your talent is your self confidence and belief in your basic values. As an intellectual and educated person you attempt to understand the human nature. The Cane is the sign of famous people, psychologists and politicians registered in history.[...]
The Mayans define the Cane sign as the body of the Earth Tree. The Cane person stands just like the body of a thousand year old tree trunk. You have a strong character with an unshakeable confidence. This self confidence comes from knowing thyself and personal power which you display comfortably. Hardships of life make you stronger and you grow from it because you learn lessons from all mistakes and defeats. Besides your tough outlook, you have a compassionate and healing side to you.[...]
You are the spiritual essence, protector and guiding light of the home and family.[...]
You try to bring peace and harmony to all of your relationships in a tough and analytical way. [...]
The empty Ney metaphor in Sufi mysticism is used to explain how the Cane is a channel of Divine Origin. [...]
Challenge: To overcome being stubborn, tough and bossy.[...]
Solution: Learn about human nature.[...]
Signs that contribute to your growth: Cane, Earth, Crocodile, Serpent and Water.[...]

Would you like to read your detailed report and learn your lucky days for the next 365 days?

Your Galactic Tone

The Mayan Calendar has a Galactic Tone that changes from the 1st to the 13th. It is good to know the sign of your birth date along with your Galactic Tone. This tone reveals the relationship between us and the divine plan. What you read above about the Day Sign involves your personal mission. You do not choose the tone you will be born with, this is more like a mission given to you. This is the energy you radiate to the people, society and the universe. It completes the qualifications that come to you along with the Day Sign.

Tone: 7 (Reflective)

 * Mysterious
* Magic
* Beyond the realms of the worlds
* Reflective
* The flow of divinity
* Dreams
* Purpose
* Arrow
The 7, right in the middle of the thirteen tones, creates a bridge between the spiritual world; just like the top of the pyramid extends to the sky. You are involved in spiritual matters since birth. Your intuition and ability to receive guidance through your dreams are your strengths. The 7 energy is a mirror that divides the light and darkness. 

Your Trecana Sign

Besides your birth day, it is important to know which Mayan week you were born into. Unlike the normal week structure we have, the Mayans have the Trecana weeks that are different. The Trecana has 13 days and each day is ruled by one of the 20 signs. The Trecana Sign you were born in gives you integral information about who you are.
Your Day Sign is 75% and your Trecana Sign is 25% effective. If we compare the personality to a picture, the Day Sign will describe what is in the foreground, which is your face. The Trecana Sign describes what is on the background of the picture and this tells us about your personality.

Manik / Deer 
You have a calm appearance but in the inside, you have a very strong character. Friendship and camaraderie are important to you. Therefore, your social circle becomes like a family. Generally you are talkative with a peaceful nature. You have strong intuition and reasoning skills which able you to speak courageously and daringly. [...]
You have an enhanced perception of aesthetics and beauty, therefore living with art is perfect for you. You can be content by living away from society and just doing art. Being close to nature will help you to find your true self. [...]
Even though you are a dominant figure, you seldom wish to be a leader. [...]
The best feature that identifies you is your strength. [...]
You prefer relationships with deep love, devotion and loyalty. [...]
The skills and the quality of the work done are important for you. [...]

Your Day Sign, Galactic Tone and Trecana Sign are the core elements of your Core Sign. Besides your Core Sign, there are also the four signs located in four directions. 

Your Tree of Life Signs

According to the Mayans, there is a direct relationship between human beings and the universe. They believe that in the source of the universe, there is a living tree expanding into four directions. This tree is in the universal dimension and is duplicated on the human level as well. This means that we all have a four-directional tree of life, giving us four more signs in the four different directions: The Female sign, the Male sign, the Past Sign and the Destiny Sign. We discover which signs you have at each direction by using your birth date. 
We all have many aspects to ourselves. Due to the differences between the signs of your four directions, there can be some tension and contradictions in your life. The Mayan astrology is an important benefit because it allows you to know your different directions and help you to balance them in unity. Do not focus or get stuck only on the contrasts, try to see how these signs complement each other to your benefit.

Four Directions and Their Meanings

Your Past Sign and Your Destiny Sign
The Past Sign and the Destiny Sign are signs that help you with your spiritual growth. Your childhood has been under the influence of the Past Sign till 12 to 13 years of age. After that you go under the influence of the Day Sign. However, the Past Sign is still a force that supports you. This is a familiar way of being and you trust it. The more you understand this sign and cooperate with it, the more it will support you. But, if you reject it and refuse to understand it, the darker side may come forward and this situation can block you or hold you back from growing spiritually.
From the age of 40, you would be under the effect of the Destiny Sign. In this way, you are given a new mission in your life. However, you may feel the effect at an earlier age. The Destiny Sign is like a guide standing in front of you, showing the way to your spiritual evolution. You are not very familiar with this direction but as time passes by, it will reveal itself more and more to you. The better you understand this sign, the better it will guide you. Thus you will understand your destiny and you will realize it.
Your Past Sign

Chicchan / Serpent 
You have a strong body and you like to do sports. Your good mental skills provide you with tools to handle stress better than many people. You are interested in science and reading. You have an ability to uncover information that is stored in your genes. Because you like following new information very closely, you can be successful in the field of information technology.[...]
You are always noticeable, but very little is known about you. You are passionate, striking and have strong instincts and all of that makes you a natural leader. You are like a bridge between the limited world and the spiritual yearnings. You carry high spiritual potential that can make you a psychic or spiritual healer.[...]
You can recall the symbol of the Serpent from the Kundalini snake used in yoga or the snake used for medicine. You carry magical powers and have strong connections with the other realms, giving you the opportunity to obtain wisdom that is difficult to understand. [...]
The energy you own is also about your sexuality which brings you the risk of becoming a slave to your desires. [...]
By bringing authority and truth together, you provide quick and final decisions. [...]

Sign of Destiny

Crocodile / Imix 
You have a strong personality. Your most noticeable characteristics are your capability to deeply understand people and using your mind in the best way. You can become a good psychologist or counselor. You are defined as an unusual and even a strange person by your friends.[...]
You have a sensitive nature and therefore you protect yourself by being a private person. Living like a Crocodile means channeling the motherly feelings, giving birth and feeding. Just like a mother protecting its offspring, you become protective and dominant. Your strong personalities are influenced by these traits. You like to be positive and hardworking. You may have difficulties being organized; therefore you must direct your energy towards practical and collective things to get productive results.[...]
The Crocodile symbolically lives in the deep waters of the collective mind. You have a close relationship with the community you live with. [...]
Your relationships can be a bit crazy and passionate and you like living wild love stories. [...]
Even though you use your mind well, you must be very careful. The Crocodile symbolizes power and energy that is still dormant within ourselves. [...]
In order to use your energies in a balanced way, you must see the people and situations around you from your heart. [...]
Awareness of the collective human consciousness makes you very successful in the field of visual arts. [...]

Your Male Sign and Your Female Sign
Inside every human being there is a male and a female dimension. According to Taoism, they are defined as Yin and Yang. You should see these two as a support to your Core Sign. The Female Sign is your introvert side; Yin, is your passive side that does not come to the surface very often. It becomes apparent during intimate relationships and family life at home. The Male Sign, Yang, is your outgoing and active side. It becomes apparent during your professional relationships and those involving power struggles. It is the side you show to the world. It also affects your career life.
The Male and Female signs are like a married couple within you. If this couple fights a lot, your being will be in much conflict; but if this couple gets along well, there will be peace and success for you. Therefore, it is important to see how these two signs complete each others' contradictions and missing parts, eventually forming a unity.
Your Female Sign

Cauac / Storm 
You are lively, talkative, friendly and you have an active mind. You are constantly vigorous and you exist to experience ecstasy. You love to learn and you are an excellent teacher. Because you are always seeking new experiences you may come across internal and external difficulties. You take action then think. For example you jump in the water without knowing how to swim and you try to learn swimming while in the water. During these experiences you may get a few wounds. However, these challenges are life lessons and you wish to enrich your life by taking the risks.[...]
Because you carry such youthful energy, you never age. On the surface, the Storm energy shows power, strength, youth and curiosity. In fact, you have a deeper side and show interest in religion, spirituality and philosophy.[...]
You are highly sensitive and compassionate which causes you to feel a great desire to serve the world.[...]
You are important for your community, and your community is important for you. [...]
You are a good son or daughter and a parent. [...]
You bring humanity the abundance and gifts of the rain. [...]

Your Male Sign

Manik / Deer 
You have a calm appearance but in the inside, you have a very strong character. Friendship and camaraderie are important to you. Therefore, your social circle becomes like a family. Generally you are talkative with a peaceful nature. You have strong intuition and reasoning skills which able you to speak courageously and daringly. [...]
You have an enhanced perception of aesthetics and beauty, therefore living with art is perfect for you. You can be content by living away from society and just doing art. Being close to nature will help you to find your true self. [...]
Even though you are a dominant figure, you seldom wish to be a leader. [...]
The best feature that identifies you is your strength. [...]
You prefer relationships with deep love, devotion and loyalty. [...]
The skills and the quality of the work done are important for you. [...]

Today is your spiritual birthday.
The energy of the day you are born is fully active. Today you are in the day of Reed and 7, and also week of the Deer. This is a very special day that comes around every 260 days. Therefore, today, life seems very meaningful to you. You are at a day that strongly reminds of who you are, why were born and what your life mission is. You can take big steps towards spiritual development by understanding yourself and your spirit. Take time off for yourself today and celebrate...
Have you ever wondered? Sometimes you celebrate your birthday and you just don’t feel or experience anything special. And at other times, you live a very special day but it is not your birthday. Perhaps these kinds of days were your birthdays according to the Mayan calendar. So today is an ideal day to come together with your loved ones and have a party.
What you are living today tells you about your life purpose and why you were born into your sign Reed. You are also given messages and signs that remind you of your spiritual essence. These messages may come to you in various ways such as visions, intuition, dreams, symbols, something you read, in a conversation with someone, in a moment of decision, etc...
The universe can give you a message in any way today and when it does, it is a good idea to take some time to reflect on it by meditating, taking a walk, going in to nature etc...
The least you can do is spend a few minutes to reflect on what message you have received today before going to sleep. Do this with the awareness that you have received something valuable and meaningful in your life that can make a difference.
Today is the day to correct your course of your life. If you are not living a life that serves your life purpose, the universe may try to steer you on to the right route and this can bring some painful lessons. But if you know your route, you can go a long way using the energy of today.
An ideal way to start your day is to listen to your intuition and create new beginnings. Start anything that will be good for your soul like a new job, project, education, hobby or relationship. To create new intentions and make important decisions about your life is very beneficial for you. Any new beginning you make today will be fully supported by the universe. The seeds you plant today will grow in 260 days and become fruitful trees. It is an incredibly ideal day to receive any form of advice, counseling or healing.

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El retrato de la familia real de Antonio López

El retrato de la familia real de Antonio López, por fin desvelado al público

  • Se le encargó hace casi 20 años y lo encabeza el rey Juan Carlos
  • El pintor finalizó la obra en un estudio habilitado en el Palacio Real
  • Puede verse en la exposición El retrato en las colecciones reales
  • La muestra puede visitarse entre los días 4 de diciembre y 19 de abril
Ampliar fotoAntonio López, Retrato de la familia de Juan Carlos I
Antonio López, Retrato de la familia de Juan Carlos IJuanma Cuéllar
JUANMA CUÉLLAR - MADRID 03.12.2014 - 11:21h
"Hemos sido privilegiados testigos de la fase final del proceso creativo de este trabajo, fundamentalmente la introduccion de una fuerza de luz que entra por la parte izquierda del cuadro". Este es el capítulo que ha cerrado las dos décadas que ha invertido Antonio López frente al retrato de la familia de Juan Carlos I, que por primera vez ha sido presentado al público. Así lo relata el presidente de Patrimonio Nacional, José Rodríguez-Spiteri, en la presentación este miércoles de la muestra El retrato en las colecciones reales. De Juan Flandes a Antonio López, en el Palacio Real:
"Una tarde, Antonio se dio cuenta que el efecto de la puesta de sol sobre uno de los focos que ilumina a fachada del palacio tenía un efecto de reverberación extraordinario. Luego anotó en un margen del cuadro el mes y la hora exacta a la que se producía este efecto, 'septiembre 13:48'"
Ese rayo de luz no solo culmina 20 años de trabajo. Además es el botón exquisito tras el que brillan cinco siglos de pintura magistral en los retratos que los mejores artistas realizaron para la corte española. Una colección que el rey Juan Carlos y la reina Sofía inauguran este miércoles y que podrá visitarse desde el 4 de diciembre al 19 de abril.

Dos décadas y 50 millones

El retrato, que costó 50 millones de las antiguas pesetas, "se acabó y firmó por el artista manchego hace 15 ó 20 días y lo fechó '1994-2014', dejando bien claro que había tardado 20 años en elaborarlo", ha afirmado Rodríguez-Spiteri, quien ha ofrecido al pintor "que si quiere seguir trabajando en el estudio puede continuar ocupándolo".
El Retrato de la Familia Real "no corría prisa" para su autor, ha dicho Antonio López en declaraciones a Efe. "Es un cuadro más", ha añadido, confesando que "si he hecho 300 ó 400 obras, esta es una de ellas; a lo mejor la que tiene unas características específicas más apartadas de todo lo demás, para bien o para mal".
Un artista a quien la presión pública no le ha llevado a acelerar el proceso de creación de un cuadro que guarda sus propias anécdotas, como ha comentado en la presentación el presidente de Patrimonio: "En un encuentro con el pintor Pablo Palazuelo, este dijo al pintor 'Antonio, ni se te ocurra acabarlo, este es uno de los cuadros que no se deben acabar jamás'”. Rodríguez-Spiteri también ha sido testigo de esta minuciosidad en lo que se denominan: “Yo, en un momento determinado he visto tres cabezas del príncipe de Asturias”, es lo que se denominan "arrepentimientos" y delatan una parte del proceso creativo.
Y reconoce que ha merecido la pena conceder al maestro los meses, años y finalmente décadas de gestación que han culminado en este "parto" tan celebrado: “En Patrimonio hemos sido generosos con Antonio. Es imposible presionar a un artista.”

Cómo eran, cómo éramos

Cuando acabe la exposición, la obra pasará al salón de alabarderos donde los visitantes podrán contemplarla. El lienzo tiene unas dimensiones de 3x3,39 metros y en él aparece centrado Don Juan Carlos con Doña Sofía a su izquierda y formando un poco de curva, un jovencísimo Príncipe Felipe, hoy convertido en el Rey Felipe VI. En el otro extremo, junto a su padre, las Infantas Elena -a la que el Rey Juan Carlos abraza por el hombro- y Cristina, esta última sujetando una flor en su mano.
"El Rey Felipe ha visto el cuadro terminado", ha añadido el presidente de Patrimonio, quien por su relación personal con el pintor ha seguido muy de cerca la elaboración de la obra. "Creo que ha quedado muy impresionado, de pronto ha sido encontrarse con uno mismo como era hace 20 años".
"20 años no es nada", opina el propio autor. Una afirmación que cobra sentido en el contexto histórico y pictórico en el que su obra ve la luz: Austrias, Borbones, siglos de poder absolutorealismo sin fisuras, y como paradoja, el colofón de la democracia apoyado en el surrealismo de Dalí: "Teníamos la familia de Carlos IV y ahora tenemos también la familia de Juan Carlos I, que obedece a un momento histórico. Situada enfrente, se encuentra una obra muy singular de Salvador Dalí que nos presenta ese período de la Transición democrática", explica uno de los comisarios, Javier Jordán, haciendo referencia al retrato El Príncipe de ensueño, que comparte sala con la obra de López.

2 décadas y 500 años para pintar una familia real

La exposición la integran un total de 114 obras que pretenden reflejar una visión del retrato de corte en España, desde tiempos de la Casa de Austria a los de la Casa de Borbón, del siglo XV al XXI, a través del trabajo de artistas como Roger van der Weyden, Juan de Flandes, Antonio Moro, Velázquez, Ribera, Rubens, Coello, Goya, Sorolla, Dalí y el mismo Antonio López.
"El retrato más antiguo que tiene la colección es uno anterior a Isabel la Católica del duque de Borgoña firmado hacia 1450 por Roger van der Weiden", explica a Carmen Frías, también comisaria de la exposición, y añade que el retrato de la reina que conquistó Granada "es el más fidedigno y más conocido".
El retrato de Antonio López es la última hoja de un árbol genealógico pintado sobre lienzo a lo largo de cinco siglos. en el que "la veracidad, la vera efigie es lo que han tratado de captar todos los pintores de corte a lo largo de la historia. Las poses y la dirección en la que se han de disponer los retratos se marcan a partir del siglo XVI y a partir de ahí tendrán una evolución", comenta Frías, y detalla que "con Velázquez se produce un cambio a la hora de caracterizar el alma de los personajes, y sus pautas marcarán el retrato a lo largo del siglo XVII".
El público tendrá además la oportunidad de contemplar piezas desconocidas como "un Felipe III de Pantoja que se encontraba situado en una zona no visitable del palacio", apunta Rodríguez-Spiteri. La "única miniatura firmada por Velázquez" que representa al Conde Duque de Olivares, también está a la vista de los visitantes, y una peculiar imagen de Carlos IV de espaldas firmada por Bauzil en 1818, un "caso único" según el comisario Javier Jordán.
El retrato en las colecciones reales, no solo es la reunión de obras, pintura, escultura, sino la recuperación de las mismas en un proceso en el que "las salas de exposición han permanecido convertidas en talleres de restauración", aclaran los responsables. Patrimonio Nacional ha desarrollado para la ocasión un microsite y aplicaciones móviles desde la que los interesados "podrán ver todas las obras de la exposición", ha afirmado Alicia Pastor, gerente del consejo de administración del Patrimonio.